How to include the person with Dementia at Thanksgiving

It’s hard to have dinner conversation with a person who has Dementia unless you have a plan.  I would recommend using my latest Memory Book Page as a starting point.  Answer the questions yourself as a part of the conversation

Communication is a wonderful thing……Part 2

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Communication is so much bigger than words.  Once we accept that it really helps us to actually connect with another person. “Presence” is something

Communication is a wonderful thing…. Part 1

I have been known to say to my husband “Communication is a wonderful thing”.  Usually the context of that statement is that we have not had good communication and it resulted in one or both of us missing something or

What to do?

101 Things to do with someone with Alzheimer’s It is very difficult to come up with ideas of what to do to spend meaningful time with someone who has dementia.  I have attached a link to one of many variations

Memory Book 101

  Memory Book Cover Page This is the first installment of the memory book project. This is for those of you who would like a permanent paper format to use and keep The other use for memory book pages is

Avoiding Awkward Visits

When visiting with someone with Dementia the ultimate challenge is keeping the conversation going.  Here are some helpful tips for how to do that. Go outside and sit where you can watch people or birds/nature.  Comment on the things you see.