Here come the holidays….again

When you are caring for someone with Dementia holidays are bittersweet.  There are things you look forward to as always but the Dementia adds an element of the unexpected. Here are a few reminders as the holidays approach. Plan ahead

Transitions in Dementia Part 1

Change is difficult. Change is difficult for everyone.  Change is more difficult for someone with Dementia.  It’s hard to adjust to something new if everything is new to you and you are unsure about what has gone before.  This makes it

Why Routines Are So Important for the Person with Dementia….

Take a moment and think about your day.  Do you do the same things every day at certain times?  Do you have certain activities that you always follow with another activity?  We don’t often think about that because it is

The Longest Night

Today is Winter solstice.  Winter Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Walking with someone you love through this progression of dementia can feel like a long dark night.  Sometimes it is

Getting your ducks in a row!

One of the hardest things for caregivers of those with dementia is planning ahead.  To plan ahead you need to project what things will look like in the future and the future doesn’t seem too inviting when you are in

What to do?

101 Things to do with someone with Alzheimer’s It is very difficult to come up with ideas of what to do to spend meaningful time with someone who has dementia.  I have attached a link to one of many variations

Memory Book 101

  Memory Book Cover Page This is the first installment of the memory book project. This is for those of you who would like a permanent paper format to use and keep The other use for memory book pages is

Spirituality & Dementia

  Growing up as an Anabaptist/Mennonite I believe that we all have a spiritual side and that it is this part of us that was created to relate to God.  As we travel through this life how we relate to