Dementia in the Emergency Room – part 1

  A person with Dementia or any memory loss should always be accompanied by someone they know when going to the hospital. In the past two months I have been to our local ER twice.  Once with my mother and once

Weather & Dementia – Rain or Shine Can Make A Difference!

Today in my area of Pennsylvania it is rainy and cold.  It’s the kind of day where staying in bed seems like the best idea in the world.  If I feel that way with out a Dementia diagnosis imagine how

Dementia Future – Is there any hope?

2017-facts2017_ Click this link for the latest Facts and Figures The Alzheimer’s Association has just published the 2017 facts and figures.  It’s a bit daunting.  Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. Not only that

Why Routines Are So Important for the Person with Dementia….

Take a moment and think about your day.  Do you do the same things every day at certain times?  Do you have certain activities that you always follow with another activity?  We don’t often think about that because it is

Groundhog Day!!

Living with someone who has dementia is like the movie Groundhog Day.  For those of you who haven’t seen this movie I recommend it as a reality check.  Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman, annoyed at having to report

Recognizing Depression in Dementia

Depression is not the easiest thing to detect in someone especially when they don’t want to let you in. The typical symptoms of depression are: Eating too much or too little Sleeping too much or too little Change in mood Loss

Here come the Holidays……..are you ready?

How can you be ready for the holidays when you are living with or caring for someone with Dementia?  The best way is to think through your holiday expectations. What do the holidays mean to you?  What do they mean

Available Resources

Available Resources One of the best kept secrets is that there are informational resources available for caregivers, some of them free, that people can get access to via the internet.  These are resources from reputable organizations who have done their research.

Everybody knows that lying is wrong….

It’s hard to think like someone with Dementia.  After all, Dementia diminishes a person’s capacity to think clearly. Dementia changes the way the person perceives their surroundings and the people in them.  Many of us have experienced the confusion of waking up in a

The Confusion about Dementia

It’s funny to think about how many times people have made statements to me like “The Doctor says my mom has Dementia, thank God it’s not Alzheimer’s!” The sad thing about the above statement is that their mom may have