How to include the person with Dementia at Thanksgiving

It’s hard to have dinner conversation with a person who has Dementia unless you have a plan.  I would recommend using my latest Memory Book Page as a starting point.  Answer the questions yourself as a part of the conversation

My Childhood Memory Book Page

My Childhood Click on the link above to get a printable version of the next page for the Memory Book Project. Remember these pages are to make this job easier for you but there is no reason you could not

Preserving the Past

All of us have a history.  For some of us it is good and for some it is bad.  One of the reasons creating a Memory Book is so important when you have someone who cannot remember things is because

The day I was born- reposted

The Day I was Born The Day I was Born with photo box It came to my attention that this post was not working correctly so I am reposting it attachments so you can print the pages and use them

Memory Book 101

  Memory Book Cover Page This is the first installment of the memory book project. This is for those of you who would like a permanent paper format to use and keep The other use for memory book pages is