Dementia in the Emergency Room -Part 2

Dementia is confusing enough to live with without being in an over-stimulating environment like the ER.  The thing with the Emergency room is that the wait is long between interactions with staff as tests are done and the results are read.  As

Dementia in the Emergency Room – part 1

  A person with Dementia or any memory loss should always be accompanied by someone they know when going to the hospital. In the past two months I have been to our local ER twice.  Once with my mother and once

Communication is a wonderful thing….the end.

As family members it is easy to forget that someone with Dementia cannot think the way we do.  This makes communication with them one of the greatest challenges we face. When my mother-in-law, Sarah, was in the mid stages of

Communication is a wonderful thing……Part 2

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Communication is so much bigger than words.  Once we accept that it really helps us to actually connect with another person. “Presence” is something

Communication is a wonderful thing…. Part 1

I have been known to say to my husband “Communication is a wonderful thing”.  Usually the context of that statement is that we have not had good communication and it resulted in one or both of us missing something or

Everybody knows that lying is wrong….

It’s hard to think like someone with Dementia.  After all, Dementia diminishes a person’s capacity to think clearly. Dementia changes the way the person perceives their surroundings and the people in them.  Many of us have experienced the confusion of waking up in a